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Every Road Has A Turn

Sometimes it is the dream that doesn’t let you go. Brent Daniels began playing, like many musicians, during his childhood, but the pull of practicality and life’s unpredictability put him on a different path for a time. Daniels pursued, instead, a career as an electrician for many years. He continued singing and playing however, deferring his dreams to a private place in his life far from the spotlit stages he occasionally envisioned himself standing on as a young man...

Brent Daniels is charting number 3 on World Music Stage.

Brent is charting # 3 on World Music Stage!

Country singer Brent Daniels was featured on Gashouse Radio.


Brent was featured on Gashouse Radio!

Brent Daniels new album, Every Road Has A Turn, is available on iTunes.

Every Road Has A Turn

Brent Daniels, a country music singer holding a guitar



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