Every Road Has A Turn.


Behind The Music

(DETROIT, MI.) Sometimes it is the dream that doesn’t let you go. Brent Daniels began playing, like many musicians, during his childhood, but the pull of practicality and life’s unpredictability put him on a different path for a time. Daniels pursued, instead, a career as an electrician for many years. He continued singing and playing however, deferring his dreams to a private place in his life far from the spotlit stages he occasionally envisioned himself standing on as a young man. It wasn’t until some time had passed before word of his talents made its way to the producer Robyn Robins via a mutual friend and Daniels felt encouraged to seriously pursue music once again. Life has its demands, but the heart has its own as well and we often take a circuitous route back to the things that first inspired us when we were young.


Every Road Has a Turn has an album about those circuitous routes we take towards discovery. It’s also, in turns, a brash, bombastic album burning with the attitude embodying much of modern country music. His experiences and talents inform this album in ways you hear on few releases, but Daniels has wisely surrounded himself with a first class roster of collaborators – among them, aforementioned producer Robyn Robins, hit songwriters like Dallas Davidson (“My First Friday Night”), and ace musicians like guitarist Troy Lancaster (Tim McGraw), bassist Lee Hendricks (Eric Church), and pedal steel guitarist Steve Hinson (Randy Travis). Robins’ contributions extend far past production. Robins, former member of Bob Seger’s legendary Silver Bullet Band, handled the mastering chores as well. It’s another excellent addition to a long discography testifying to Robins’ place as one of Music City’s most respected creative forces. Their harnessing of creative firepower results in a rich, diverse collection with Daniels’ confident voice leading the way and sports a number of obvious choices for radio play.


This isn’t, however, just some dalliance with those youthful dreams. Daniels has brought every bit of talent and discipline needed to find success in the modern musical landscape and the dozen songs on Every Road Has a Turn shine with professionalism. He maintains a visible social media presence on a variety of platforms and a developing official artist page. Daniels has, likewise, received press coverage through a variety of important media outlets.






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You may purchase Brent Daniels’ music through an assortment of sites and physical copies are available as well.


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Three of Every Road Has a Turn’s songs – “My First Friday Night”, “My Truck’s Bigger Than Your Truck”, and “Everything About You” - have experienced steady downloading and streaming success since March, 2016. “Everything About You” is charting at #19 on the Euro Indie Music for the week of January 14th, 2017 and charting at #187 on the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) National Airplay Top 200 chart for the week of January 14th, 2017, ahead of much bigger mainstream artists like Tim McGraw and Eric Church, among others. In 2017 Daniels latest release Every Road has it’s Turn received critical acclaim from many music critics: 


DOWNLOAD AND STREAMS REPORT: https://promotions.musikandfilm.com/reports/496/

DIGITAL RADIO TRACKER: http://www.digitalradiotracker.com/chart.html




“major new talent” SKOPE MAG

“charismatic and ear catching”  VENTS MAGAZINE

“one of the year’s best” GASHOUSE RADIO

“excellent” RAZORFISH

“foot-stomping” BANBBLURB

“something special” VALHALLA

“one hell of a first effort” INDIE MINDY


“good times galore” CARLITO’S MUSIC BLOG




The music of Brent Daniels is the perfect fit for TV, documentaries and feature films. Producers and movie music supervisors, please contact the below for more information.

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