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Vent Magazine Review

Once in a while we get this unusual bands and group of people teaming up, they love or fight each other, but at the end of the day the result of their collaboration is a masterpiece. Names like Bob Rock and Metallica comes to mind, and while many fans of the band are divided on whether the Black Album it’s their best record in their discography, there’s no doubt it’s a classic. Well, today I’ve stumbled upon another rare couple, a country artist named Brent Daniels and a rock producer called Robyn Robins who you might know from Bob Seger’s The Silver Bullet Band. Both have teamed up to write and produce the album “Every Road Has Its Turn”.

Just like the Black Album, even they call it Country once you press play the first song “My Trucks Bigger Than Your Truck” and you hear that (awesome) intro, your brain start processing and figure out what’s going on, and it really takes a while to assimilate and find the Country in the song and when you do, without noticing, you find yourself already dancing along. “My First Friday Night” is the most Country song of the record, reminiscent of great acts such as Blake Shelton and Dallas Smith – it’s a great blend between modern and traditional Country music. Summed up in two songs, the album brings out the best of the genre both the old and new school while adding some elements of early rock and roll in it, courtesy of Robins. I definitely second Robyn when he called Brent a great singer and even though vocally he’s not exactly unique, there’s something in it that helps bring out every song to life and with some top notch musicians backing him up, it shouldn’t come as a surprise this is easily one of the best record of 2016 so far.

As a songwriter, different to other artists who only sing about chicks and booze, I could feel how Brent opened his soul on each song. Hopefully later on we would get to hear an LP with more songs where Daniels could unfold his heart completely and let us dive into his life experiences and mind. There aren’t any negative to say about Every Road Has A Turn other than it leaves you with a big hole once the second and last song comes to an end. If this is just a sneak peek of what’s coming next, then there’s a bright future ahead for Brent.

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