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Gashouse Radio Review

Brent Daniels began singing as a child and playing the guitar at the age of 7. Brent pursued life and life took him to a path as an electrician. He left his music behind, so he thought. But once music is in your soul, it stays in your soul forever, just waiting to be awakened. Three years ago Brent’s music in his soul was awakened. Thanks to famous producer, Robyn Robins (the founding member of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band), he was discovered through one of his best friends at the university. Robyn instantly recognized a different kind of voice; the kind of voice when you hear it, makes the hair stand up on your arms.

Robyn Robins adamantly believes that, “Good singers come and go in this business, but great singers will stand the test of time.” Brent took Robyn’s words to heart. Brent began working with Robyn to record his first album, “Every Road Has A Turn.” Brent’s motivation was knowing that once a musician, always a musician. This is a good CD by a good artist who’s apparently going places. First of all, he got Robyn Robins to produce, and Robins was in Bob Seger’s band. Some of the tunes sound familiar that way but it’s really just the sound. But there are moments where you hear that 70s quality and know you’re listening to a very well-produced album. Being that it is his debut album, Brent Daniels pretty much pulled it off with flying colors. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rose colored glasses and bowls of cherries, as it does contain some clunky moments. However, they’re within tracks, rather than entirely bad tracks, which saves in in those few spots. But nevertheless, Daniel’s starts off on the road very well. Kicking down doors immediately is the task with the hot opening track, “My First Friday Night,” which tells it like it is, no explanation needed. By the end of the CD you can tell even better how well placed this track is. Country fans will love everything about “My Truck’s Bigger Than Your Truck” as it pokes a little fun at the culture and shows how important it is to not take everything so seriously. This is a track with everything going for it and then some. Get a load of the whole thing and go back for more. These two tracks are a back to back killer way to start, but the fun continues on “Party At The End Of The Road,” with more of the same high spirited touches of the former two. These are all world class tracks in which any country artist would be happy to blast an album off with. Absolutely jubilant. Slowing down in traditional fashion, “Long Way From leaving” must be paid close attention to in order to appreciate the beauty of. Don’t let it get lost in the mix, because it’s another solid gem. As is “Love You Down” but you might be fooled. It almost sounds like Jackson Browne, and that is a credit to Robins school of rock. I really like this track and hold it up to anything on this CD. “One Big Party” isn’t bad either, once you get used to it. The party vibes are evident but there are more serious moments. “Wild Young and Crazy” is not one of them., in-fact it’s the opposite and another recommended track of the opposite nature. But “Everything About You” starts to take on a serious more as it goes into the most dramatic song, “Hold On.” The disc plays out with the playful “Need A Little Love Right Now” which stays vital as it goes into the final cut, “Different Just The Same,” which sums a fine debut album up from start to finish. It’s not every day that a true blue country artist shines through anymore.

There are so many it tends to blur, but I love it when a good one comes my way and the opportunity to review it helps all the more. This isn’t too modern or classic, it’s right down the middle, with an Americana essence to it. But all in all I was taken back to 70s fm radio and todays modern country airwaves as well. I think Brent has a long but good road which lies ahead of him and this is the first test on that road. The album makes no secret of that.

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